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 RAZOR CLAMS (as of Thursday 2/01/2023)


Razor clams

Please check the regulation update section above for those areas of the Oregon coast that are open for razor clamming. Always call the ODA shellfish safety hotline at 1-800-448-2474 or ODA shellfish closureshttps://www.oregon.gov/ODA/programs/FoodSafety/Shellfish/Pages/ShellfishClosures.aspx website before harvesting for the most current information about shellfish safety closures.‌

Fall and winter harvesting of razor clams can be a challenging but rewarding endeavor. Unlike the spring and summer, low tides are in the evenings and at night when visibility is poor or nonexistent. Typical to the Oregon coast, the fall and winter brings large storm events, which keep the razor clams from “showing” as readily and can also be a safety risk with surging water and debris on the beach. ‌

Make sure to monitor swell and surf advisories as well as predicted wind prior to harvesting. Combined seas greater than 10 feet and winds greater than 20 mph will make harvesting difficult for all, including the most experienced harvester. Fall and winter harvesting can be greatly improved if harvesters actively “pound” to make clams show. With winter storms, clams will not show as readily and need an added incentive to do so.‌

See this article for more information on razor clams, including how to harvest. ‌

Clatsop Beach

Clatsop Beach clammers should expect a moderate abundance of razor clams 3 to 4 inches with a few larger ones available. Targeting the largest “show,” greater than a nickel in diameter, will greatly increase the odds of harvesting a larger clam.‌

Clammers should plan to be on the beach at least two-hours before low tide to ensure plenty of time for a successful harvest. Any low tide that is negative is sufficient to harvest clams on Clatsop Beach if the seas are less than 10 feet. With lots of smaller clams available, clammers need to remember to keep the first 15 they dig, regardless of size or condition.‌

Clatsop Beach low tides can be found here.‌

Other Beaches

Other areas such as Indian Beach (Cannon Beach); Cannon Beach; Cape Meares Beach (Tillamook); Agate Beach (North of Newport); North Beach and South Beach (Newport); Waldport Beach; North Umpqua Spit (Winchester Bay); Bastendorff Beach and North Spit (Coos Bay); Whiskey Run (Bandon); and Meyers Creek Beach (Gold Beach) will also have razor clams. ‌


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