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Oregon Clamming Dates & Info:

 RAZOR CLAMS (as of Monday 9/18/2023)

  • ​Razor clams 

    The sport harvest of razor clams is CLOSED from the Washington border to Tillamook Head, south of Seaside, for  the annual Oregon Department of Fish and Wildlife razor clam conservation closure. The ODFW annual razor clam conservation closure is in effect from July 15 to September 30, each year​. This closure is for the Clatsop Beaches only, from the Washington Border to Tillamook Head, including Seaside. The conservation closure allows the clams to spawn, ensuring more clams for future harvests. 

    The sport harvest of razor clams is CLOSED from the Washington border to Seal Rock (north of Waldport near Beaver Creek) for high levels of the marine biotoxin domoic acid.  

    The sport harvest of razor clams is OPEN from​ Seal Rock (north of Waldport near Beaver Creek) to​ the California border. ​

    ​See the link below for biotoxin results ​data for mussels and clams. Re-opening beaches for sport harvest after a biotoxin​ closure requires two samples in a row​ with toxin ​results below the closure limit. These samples must be at least one week apart. ​



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