Warranty Info

Our Warranty for Clamhawk and Clamhawg clam guns:

We offer a 120 day manufacturer’s warranty.  If anything on our Razor Clam Guns fails, due to a manufacturer’s defect, we will replace the product with the same model or return for your purchase price.  You simply return the product to the place of purchase and have your dated proof of purchase for all returns.

Our Razor Clam Guns should be used like a surgical instrument, as it is constructed using thin but strong quality stainless steel.

Our Razor clam Guns should not be used in areas where rocks, sticks, shells or any kinds of coarse sand that will damage the mouth of the gun.

DO NOT use our Razor Clam Guns as a shovel, hammer, or any kind of tool that would cause undo force that would damage the gun.

We will not warranty damage to the mouth of the stainless steel tube.

DO NOT stomp or pound the sand with our gun while looking for “Clam Shows”, as you will bend or deform the tube.  Only dig in areas common to traditional Razor Clam beaches.

When pushing down into the sand and you encounter something hard, stop pushing so you do not damage the mouth of the gun.


Take care of your Clamhawk or Clamhawg and they will last you a long time.

Always clean and rinse our razor clam guns in fresh water after every use.

Always make sure the vertical tubes are clear of any sand or debris before storing.