Clamhawk CG3

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4.5″ Diameter x 37″ Tall



The Clamhawk CG3 is constructed using thin but strong quality stainless steel. The barrel is 4.5″ in diameter by 37″ tall. Made with a  hybrid Sch 40 PVC handle and 22 gauge 304 stainless steel tube.

Note: This gun is recommended for people 5’6″ and taller.

1 review for Clamhawk CG3

  1. Randy Church

    I love this clam gun. I have a bad back and this clam gun goes in and out of the sand like melted butter so easy to use, nothing like the other clam guns on the market and saves the back.I wished I had purchased one a long time ago. I already talked another person into getting one, he loves it. Money well spent!

    • Steven DeMars

      This is exactly how our guns get out to the beach…..word of mouth! Thank you!

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