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The CrabHawk crab catcher has a stainless steel frame and axel covered with nylon netting and is perfect for casting from your rod & reel. It has an 60 pound test, monofilament harness with a heavy duty swivel.

10 reviews for Crab Hawk

  1. Marcella Hamilton

    The Crabhawk is our favorite tool to use when crabbing, we catch more crab in it than we do it a crap pot or ring! It is a lot of fun too. The Crabhawk is made of quality material. The store we usually go to buy them keeps running out so we ended up buying the Danielson brand and it is very crappy and cheap made, we had several break on us and will never buy that brand again! Crabhawk is the way to go!

    • Steven DeMars

      Thank you……we strive to always be Made in America and to make our customers happy and successful in catching dinner!

    • Steven DeMars

      Sooooo true! Thank you!

  2. Steven DeMars

    Awesome! Thank you!

  3. Brent

    Long time crabber here, I discovered the crabhawk about two years ago and have to stay these crabhawks are the most fun I’ve had crabbing in 35 plus years.

    What makes the crabhawk so fun for us is the fast action, cast out wait five minutes reel in, almost always have crab in the net.

    Thanks for making such a high quality product.

  4. jeff carlson

    We use these for blue crabs in Connecticut. The first time out, I would see crabs getting through the net (pretty big ones) so I tried putting a legal (5 inch) crab in a CrabHawk and held it shut under water and yes, they can get through the net! I lined the CrabHawk with landing net mesh, securing it with black zip-ties. Problem solved. These things are great, and you can watch your rod-tip to tell when a crab is playing with the bait. Use a heavy rod with braid line – blue crabs are fast and nimble! If it came with a smaller mesh, I would have given this 5 stars.

  5. g

    I saw a gentleman casting for crab with the Crabhawk at Tokeland and had to have one. He sold me his and I used it for years until I lost my crab hawk. I was devastated as I have had many great times catching crab with this handy little trap that is so versatile. One of the greatest features is that it is small enough to have on hand in the boat or car. I’m going to get some more as soon as I can! Great item.

    • Steven DeMars

      Thank you….our product is 100% American made. Don’t be fooled by the knock-offs that have copied us and now import from over seas!

  6. Jason

    The crab hawk was great fun. Caught several crab the first time out. Once the trap hits the bottom, I wind in about two feet of line to make sure the trap is correct side up. Then give line some slack per the directions. I used small chicken drum sticks with a reusable zip tie to hold the bait. I crab from a boat often, this is a ton of fun and a much more interactive experience. I plan on getting one more. I plan on having a kids have fun bringing in the trap the next time


    • Steven DeMars

      Glad to see you’re out there having fun and bringing home dinner!

    • Steven DeMars


  7. Sonny Rdmonds

    Amazing results and fun to use!
    We got 2 from Steven himself opening day 06-30-2018 in Hoodsport, WA.
    It was a great day of crabbing with you!
    Back home in Port Orchard, the grandson and I will be busy trying our luck on the local areas.
    Thanks for a great product! Made in the USA!

  8. Bob

    Went down to our local DEP dock in CT where I often take the kids crabbing. Nobody was catching anything. I cast out my CrabHawk…wait a few minutes…real it in like if got a fish on and there they were! Couple of more casts and we walked out with 7 crabs while everyone watched in amazement!
    Luv these!!!

    Slightly smaller mesh holes would definitely be better but still awesome!

    • Steve DeMars


  9. Charles Forth

    Steve, could you tell me want size of pole and reel is best for the Crabhawk?

    • Steve DeMars

      Sorry, just saw this message.

      We recommend a medium to heavy action (with sensitive rod tip), 8-10 foot pool. Ugly Sticks, Shakespeare (from Walmart) work very well. The pole really depends on the locations you plan to crab from…..if you’re on a boat or kayak…..certainly a shorter rod. If from shore, dock, pier, jetty, etc…then the longer rods will get you out further.

      The reel is important also. You want a heavy spinning reel that can handle the weight (the CrabHawk gets heavy when it’s full of crab). and we recommends ALWAYS using a braided line that is 50#’s or more….again the CrabHawk gets heavy when full.

      Anything else I can help you with….let me know.


  10. Jim

    Used the Crabhawk for the first time last weekend in Grays Harbor. Used chicken legs. Worked great. Once we found the right spot we had 11 crab within an hour. So much fun and easy. Looking for the right rod. I’ll check out Shakespeare at Walmart.


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